Bank Details for Donation

A/C NO. : 0200104000326315
IFSC Code : IBKL0000200
Bank Name : IDBI BANK

Branch : H 1A/30, Sector-63, Noida, Uattar Pradesh, India

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Disciplinary Action

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Jati Mukt Bharat Trust, this is a family, which does not really believe in caste, but is committed to social democracy, social justice and social unity in India, unity and integrity of India. Officers and members who violate the rules of Jati Mukt Bharat and act outside the objectives can be removed at any time without notice.

Dealing with mutual goodwill and brotherhood between members and office bearers.

Any member or officer can call each other, treat each other well. If for some reason you just do not want to talk, you can cut or block the phone with a happy ending. Avoid any type of meaningless debate.

If the President of Jati Mukt Bharat wants to get any kind of information, talk about any topic through email or phone, then the appointed officer should pick up the phone. If you are busy in some work then you should call back or message, otherwise it will be considered indiscipline.

The member or officer himself has joined the Jati Mukt Bharat by taking an oath of being caste-free, they cannot show the bullying of their old caste, by doing so, the membership from Jati Mukt Bharat will be revoked with immediate effect.

What is not included in the above rules, but it is in the interest of the society can be included at any time.

The members or officials who will be hindered in achieving the objectives of a Jati Mukt Bharat, will be excluded at any time without notice.

All the rules of the organization will be extended and enforced in the interest of society. Which will be applicable from the headquarters of the organization according to their respective jurisdiction which will be implemented by all the units of the organization as well as all the regional offices in particular.

Any objection / settlement of any matter will be bound to be heard only in the jurisdiction of the courts of Delhi.

Donations, grants, gifts, etc. in the shape of movable and / or immovable properties will be accepted only in the bank account of " Jati Mukt Bharat " for the purpose and achievement of the goal. The grant taken out of the Jati Mukt Bharat bank account will be considered illegal, it will be considered indiscipline, which can be taken care of.